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Covid-19 is Still Here

Covid Clinic Medicine Touch of Grace

Dr. Brandy says you should get vaccinated

Vaccinations help prevent hospitalizations and death. 

Yes, you can get it again

Wearing Mask

What are the symptoms?



Runny Nose 

Body Aches 

Sore throat 

COVID specific symptoms: loss of smell, loss of taste, headaches, abdominal pain 

Schoolgirl with Mask

Am I at risk for complications?

High-Risk Patients Include those patients with: 

Age > 65 + 

Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease 

Immunosuppressive Medicine 

Lung Disease, Asthma, COPD 

Morbid Obesity with any symptom listed above 

Cancer treatment patients 

If you are considered to be high-risk for complications of covid-19, please schedule an appointment right away for an evaluation regardless of whether you have symptoms or not.

Even if you're vaccinated

If you are sick, we advise you to please stay at home. Call our office or book via the patient portal so that a medical professional can give you advice for further evaluation and treatment.  We are seeing our patients via telemedicine, curb side and in the office. For the safety of others, please stay in your car and call the office or message via the patient portal upon arrival so that we can get you into a treatment room right away. This avoids infectious patients from sitting in the lobby and keeps everyone safe. 

Bring A Mask To Wear Inside the Clinic

Checking Vitals

  1. Purchase a pulse oximeter and check your oxygen levels.

  2. Check your temperature.

  3. Check your blood pressure and blood sugar (if you have hypertension or diabetes).

  4. Seek emergent care if your oxygen drops (below 94), temperature greater than 103, or changes in blood pressure or sugars.

Home Care

  1. Get plenty of rest. 

  2. Drink adequate fluids.

  3. Take Fever Reducers like Tylenol or Advil

  4. Monitor for signs of worsening symptoms (feeling short of breath, chest pain, vomiting, severe weakness, severe headache, unable to eat or drink).

Hugging a Pillow

Bivalent covid vaccines

The Bivalent Covid Vaccine is an updated vaccine that includes the Omicron strains. Covid booster shots are recommended for all persons ages 12 + and older. We recommend that patients eligible for a booster go to pharmacies that have these vaccines in stock. At this time, we do not have the bivalent covid vaccine in the clinic. 


Vaccination Works

Wear a mask 

Social Distancing


Trust your medical experts. Find out the true facts regarding vaccination

Covid & Texas

Find out Information specific to DFW

Learn number active cases

Estimated cases

Death Rates

Cases in texas

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