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7 Tips for Halloween Safety

Children Trick or Treating
Weather Appropriate Costumes


1. Pick an appropriate costume

Consider weather conditions when dressing for Pumpkin Patches, Trick or Treating, or Outdoor events. The last thing you want is to be too hot (which can cause rashes and fungal skin infections) or too cold while spending time with your friends and family.

children trick or treating for halloween
Halloween costumes

2. Be Prepared.

Be prepared for allergies and asthma flare ups. Folks with untreated seasonal allergies can flare up significantly when spending time outside, especially when they don’t usually spend time outside. Asthmatics who plan on walking several blocks to trick or treat should take 2 puffs of their rescue inhaler before going out to enjoy the festivities and bring their inhaler if they will be away from home for several hours.


3. Allergy Alert

People with food allergies and food sensitivities should inspect all the goods they collected for possible allergens. The most common allergens in candy causing anaphylaxis are tree nuts so make sure to read the ingredients of any unfamiliar treats. If you have a severe food allergy, carry your epinephrine pen with you in case of exposure. Many families and facilities have safe treats that are allergy free or a fun toy or craft. Blue pumpkins are universal for these types of situations.

epipen injection
Keep your epipen handy in case of food allergy

4. Get Lit

For any outdoor gathering, make sure that your path is well lit and for those who have vision or mobility difficulties, carrying a flashlight is a good idea. Low visibility increases the risks of tripping, falling and injury.


5. Watch Your Kids

Children need to be monitored by a responsible adult. Even if it’s a church event or a Trunk R Treat, make sure that the little ones (ages 12 and under) are accompanied.

family at trunk r treat
Trunk R Treat

6. Wait A Minute

Advise your children to wait until they are home or until a responsible adult has inspected all the candies for damage or evidence of tampering. Do not eat any treats that have part of the wrapper torn or missing.

candied apple treats
candied apple treats

7. Adult Safety

For those adult Halloween celebrations, if you plan to consume alcoholic drinks, make sure you have a designated driver, an Uber/Lyft, or a party bus lined up for the trip back home.


We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you a Happy Halloween! Follow our Halloween Safety Tips to keep you healthy. We invite you to participate in our Clinic and Spa Staff Contest for the best dressed on Halloween! Check out our Facebook and Instagram site on Halloween 10/31/23. View our photos posted that day and vote on the best costume by listing the staff member's number in the comments. Voters will be entered into a random drawing and the winner will win Spa Goodies and a Gift Certificate!!

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