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Coffee and Blogging - Weight Loss Success!

Dr Brandy Robinson MD Family Practice Weight Loss Blog
Hi from Dr. Brandy

Hi everyone! It feels so good to be writing again!! Life as a family practice doctor during the pandemic has kept me on my toes. We’re busy at Touch of Grace doing what we do best – loving our patients and caring for people, but I started thinking about how many patients we are treating for weight loss right now. I mean, we take care of newborns up to our geriatric and even hospice patients and see everything under the sun, but the one thing we are seeing most is patients trying to reclaim their health by losing weight and gaining more energy.

For every individual, there is a journey involved that starts with:

1. Realizing there is a problem

2. Deciding to do something about it

3. Carrying out your plan to fix that problem

Weight Loss Journey
We all have to start somewhere

I think most of us who are fighting obesity have number one figured out (boy, I know when my weight is bothering me) but it’s moving from step one to step two that proves to be very difficult. And then moving from step two to step three is where most of us fail. I know there is a problem, and I know I’ve got to do something about it; but getting it done is a nearly impossible! Well, I learn the same way I learned how to do clinical procedures in medical school and residency:

See One

Do One

Teach One

And some of my patients who have mastered the process are willing to share their journey in the hopes of helping others. Because of that, I return to my blogging to do a little bragging about our success stories! Our first story is about Kim, who is an amazing lady, and we are so proud to share her success story with you. She tells me that she decided she needed to lose weight for many reasons. The most important reason was not being able to wear her wedding ring which she felt was depressing. She was horrified when asked if she was pregnant and noticed that she having to buy bigger clothes to feel comfortable.

What led up to your decision to work on your health?

I was tired of being classified as morbidly obese and dealing with high blood pressure. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t do anything without getting out of breath. I never had energy to get up and do anything. Working from home for 2 years due to the pandemic really contributed to me sitting around and doing nothing and going nowhere. I ate a lot of comfort food. Really scared me when I was okay with being obese.

What are some of the steps you took to achieve your goals?

My doctor suggested medication March 2021 and I agreed. I slowly started shedding some pounds. I was excited about that which led to other good things. I started drinking more water and watching what I ate. I reverted to my Weight Watchers knowledge and ate in moderation. I have tried a lot of Keto recipes and consume more protein. Making sure I eat a lot of protein helps keep me full.

With the help of my medication suppressing my appetite it really assisted me with achieving and passing my weight goals and BMI goal. My medicine was simple to take once a week. I have a journal that I record my weight in once a week along with my blood pressure. It helps me track my progress or make sure I am maintaining. Due to my success, I no longer take blood pressure or cholesterol medications! That is a big deal! I can wear my wedding ring too!

How much weight did you lose?

I have lost 40 [pounds] and I am down 3 pant sizes and 3 shirt sizes. I was wearing XXL shirts and size 8 pants (I have no butt). I now wear a Large/Medium shirt and size 2 pants (now I really don’t have a butt).

Weight Loss Blog Touch of Grace Family Medicine

Kim before starting her weight loss journey

Weight Loss Blog Touch of Grace Family Medicine

Kim after her 40 pound weight loss


What advice do you have for others who are working on their fitness goals?

Find something that you like and set goals. My Apple watch helps me with challenges. Find something fun that challenges you. I started going bowling again. I used to be good. It has been challenging after all these years to pick it back up again. It’s fun and I get fitness out of it. It’s great for stretching out your muscles. I find it helpful to set small goals rather than big goals. The small goals add up and I see results sooner. More satisfying for me. I still have a round belly that I am dealing with. I hate sit ups and crunches, so I am trying to find some way to work on my abdomen and like it - if there is such a thing. The trick for me is to keep it interesting or I will get bored and quit. I don’t want to be a quitter. Don’t be a quitter! Just change what you are doing.


I am so amazed with Kim’s story and thank her so much for sharing it with you all. She told me that she wants to help encourage others who might be going through the same struggle. If you are interested or needing help with weight loss, visit with your family doctor or see us at Touch of Grace Family Medicine – we would love to take care of you! If you would like to share your success story with me, please reply in the comments below.

Dr. Brandy :)

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