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Coffee and Blogging - Fall Edition with Another Weight Loss Success Story!

Dr. Brandy Robinson Drinking Coffee
Cartoon Dr. Brandy Robinson illustrated with love by Sarah Vu

Greetings to you all from our FALL Blog!!! I’m amazed at the timing of this weight loss blog article as we are approaching the beginning of the Holiday Season and what I call Holiday Eating. I LOVE! Pumpkin, Spice, Thanksgiving, and soon Christmas yummy delights. So how can one make it through the minefield of holiday treats while still losing (or who am I kidding) maintaining their current weight? What’s the best way to get through the Holidays unscathed?

Make. A. Plan.

I advise my patients to prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's eating ahead of time. The days leading up to your celebration, start eating lighter and add in extra exercise time. The day of your feast, eat and enjoy without worrying about restricting yourself too much. Make up for your meal the next day by eating few calories and exercising. If you are hosting the meals, make sure to send all those leftovers home with your guests so you aren’t tempted to have another feast day. And remember to hydrate to keep your stomach full. Speaking of drinking, recall that alcoholic drinks and beverages have a high calorie content so limit your alcohol if you would rather eat your calories instead of drinking them.

Thanksgiving Feast with Turkey, Pie, and All the Trimmings
Thanksgiving Feast

So now, let’s celebrate another Weight Loss Success Story!

Meet Terra

Terra figured out a way to get her life back through fitness and weight loss. After delivering her baby, she had a tough time getting back to her normal weight. But eventually, she was able to work out a plan for herself.

Please share with us how or when did you realize that you needed to lose weight?

I realized that I needed to lose weight [in the] Summer 2021 after the birth of my daughter. I had previously set a goal to start working on my weight as soon as the Doctor cleared me to resume normal activity. My daughter was going on six months old, and I hadn't done anything but make excuses for myself, procrastinate, and complain about how unhappy I was with my weight and appearance. I knew that I had two choices at this point, I could keep making excuses for myself and get no results or I could take that step to at least start achieving my goals. The choice at this point was all mine and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

What led up to your decision to work on your health?

I decided to work on my health when I finally came to the conclusion that I had a toxic relationship with food. I realized that in order for me to change my bad habits, I would need to give up fried foods, soda, sweets and most of all fast food. I had to break up with my poor eating habits and lack of desire to work out. My cholesterol [and] blood pressure were elevated, and I knew exactly why. I was also diagnosed with a nerve condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes painful nerve pain on my face triggered by the trigeminal nerve. I saw a Neurologist for this condition, which there is no actual cure for, but some treatments and seizure medications are effective in stopping the pain. I noticed at my first visit to the neurologist, 10% of our office visit was about my diagnosis and the other 90% was strictly on how I needed to lose weight. From that day forward, working on my health became a must and I was going to do whatever I needed to do to make my health my top priority.

What steps did you take to achieve your goals?

I started 6-week workout challenges with a trainer that I can do at home so I can longer use the excuse of having no one to watch my kids. I take all the exercises that I learn from the trainer and incorporate them in my own daily exercises when challenges are not active. Once I started working out, I started taking medication daily to help suppress my appetite. At the same time I started medication, I also followed the trainer's meal plan and did my own research on healthier food choices. I changed my diet completely and my family’s as well because it doesn't hurt for everyone in the house to be healthy as well. We stopped eating fast food and opted for more salads, fish, turkey, and vegetables.

How much weight did you lose?

I have lost a total of 36 pounds.

Terra took a picture before her weight loss
Terra's Before Picture

Terra at the beginning of her weight loss journey


Terra's amazing transformation after weight loss
Terra's Amazing Transformation

Terra after her 36 pound weight loss


How difficult has it been to maintain your success?

It hasn't been difficult for me to maintain my success at all. I came to the conclusion that I will do whatever it takes to continue my new lifestyle change. I feel that once you start seeing results, it's motivation to keep pushing until you reach your goal and maintain. I love the way I look and feel so going back to [my] old ways is not an option.

What advice do you have for others who are working on their fitness goals?

My advice for others working on their fitness goals is to never give up. It's going to be really hard at first because it's going to take you out your comfort zone but it's all worth it in the end. You must continue to tell yourself that you can do this and open your mind to try new healthy foods because you might actually like them. I used to be in a size 12 and I'm now in a size 4 so it's possible, but you have to put in the effort and lose the excuses.

We are so proud of your accomplishments, Terra, and thank you for sharing your story to help others on their journey. I like the positivity of Terra’s message and encourage you all to never give up on your goals. If you would like to start your own journey visit with your family doctor or schedule an appointment with us here at Touch of Grace Family Medicine.

Until next time,

Dr. Brandy 😊


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