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Go Away Covid!

Graceful Healing with Dr. Brandy Robinson

I have to take a minute right now to apologize to my friends, family members and patients. I dropped off the face of the earth – literally. And I didn’t really give any explanations as to why my voice has been quiet on social media. Some of you who are close to me, know a little bit of what has kept me quiet, but I’m now ready to share my feelings about the most anxiety provoking, devastating, and difficult trial I have ever experienced as a family practice doctor – let’s talk about COVID.

I’ll start of by saying, and I’m embarrassed to say it, but I have covid-19. Why am I embarrassed? Well, I didn’t think it would happen to me! Because why? I mean, really – why?!?

We do not go anywhere.

Let me repeat.

We do not go anywhere!

The Robinson Vu Family does not go to eat inside restaurants. We haven’t been on a vacation or a cruise for 2 years (with the exception of my Disney Vacation with Sarah in 2021). We get our groceries delivered.

We’re vaccinated.


Why did this happen to me??!?

I’ve got 2 answers to the why questions…



The omicron strain of covid-19 is extremely contagious. I bet if I was walking around in a bubble suit, I probably would have caught it anyway. But a higher infection rate doesn’t mean that we should not take precautions to prevent new infections. This idea of sitting back and letting everyone catch it so that there is “HERD” immunity is ridiculous.


The science shows us that vaccination is still one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick. Shots are not 100% perfect (no one ever said that) but they are a good defense and thanks to my vaccine, hey, at least I didn’t end up in the hospital! AND most importantly, I didn’t die!!! But oh, my it was no fun.


YES PLEASE wear your mask anytime you are outside of your home. I about fell out of my chair during our Christmas brunch when my stepfather proceeded to argue with us that masks don’t work and that he has done all of the research and thinks masks are a waste of time. He is a retired truck driver – sitting at the table with a doctor and a medical assistant and a medical clinic manager. I've got to tell you that it is insulting when people outside of the medical and scientific community voice their personal opinions as scientific truth. Rather than roll my eyes at him like some family members, besides trying to keep the peace during our family holiday gathering, I nodded my head and then told him a story.

Touch of Grace Family Medicine Clinic is a brand-new clinic in a brand-new building. As such, I was able to help make decisions and plan what I wanted the space in my clinic to look like. It was an amazing experience! I got to meet and plan with an architect, an interior designer, the builders, the construction workers, the A/C and electrical folks, and the phone and internet installers. But at no time did I ever feel the need to go online and research styles of engineering, design principles, architectural features. I didn’t need to go to the city and research all the laws and regulations that come with building a new construction in Arlington. I didn’t have to go on Facebook or Google to read opinions and tell the professionals how to do their jobs.

Because if they make mistakes, the building may burn down, collapse and kill me, right? I trusted the professionals that I hired would do the job they were paid to do and that in their years of experience and education, they would do a great job with my new clinic. And they did! In the same way, why should my retired truck driver stepdad need to go online, scouring through medical journals, watch Fox TV or CNN news, or do a Google search to see if masking is helpful? Should he read the New England Journal of medicine or NIH peer reviewed journals to know if vaccination is safe or not?

My advice? Ask your doctor. I told him to talk to his doctor about these concerns and trust that the doctor would take good care of him, like she was trained to do. Because I’m not becoming an expert in something outside of my field, so why should he?

ANSWER #2 – His Grace is Sufficient

Asking why I got covid is about the same as asking why does God allow anything to happen. Why are we still fighting this pandemic 2 years later? Why are people still dying? I’ve got medical training, but the answer to this question for me is spiritual. I just have to pray, “Lord Jesus, gain what You’re after in me.” I don’t want the suffering to be in vain. If you’re sick or having a difficult time, reach out to the One who can save, Jesus Christ.

My friends and even my family know that I’m very private. I bear down and keep going.

Hard times coming – means put my head down and keep trying.

Stressful situation – it will get better.

One kid gets covid – ok I’ve got this.

Second kid gets covid – ok I’ve got that.

I get covid and it’s a spiritual breakdown. So what did I do then? I reached out to those around me. Hello social media. I mean my friends, family, spiritual family, and church members. And what did they do? They heaped on blessings, prayers, sent food to our home, and I felt so cherished and so very strengthened. Because though my outer man is decaying, inside me flowed rivers of living water.

And through Grace we’re going to get through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

And through Grace all of those Greek alphabet letters that come after Omicron won't mean a thing.

Be there for each other. Pray for each other – especially from the quiet ones who hide their are suffering. And thanks to those who prayed for me!

How did you deal with covid? Let me know in the comments. Do you want to know what we're doing at Touch of Grace Family Medicine to treat our patients with covid-19? Visit our Covid-19 Response site.

Brandy 😊

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